Tuesday 30 May 2023

about us

We are increasingly trying to fulfill what the customers request from us, so that this leads to a constructive interaction for the parties interacting with Dom Sanat Company; The motto of this collection is the maximum effort for quality, preservation of antiquity, and the integrity of each and every personnel in achieving a single goal in line with the goals of the collection and obtaining the satisfaction of customers and consumers of Mahamvarah products.

About Dom Daru Sanat Company

In 1368, Dom Sanat Company established its presence in the industry with the aim of optimizing the country's animal feed industry in the years after the imposed war with activity and research in the direction of producing and supplying useful products. With 4 products and 3 products in the pre-production process, this group has now used its maximum capacity in fulfilling the goals of its organization with the motto of optimal production of livestock and poultry in the country. All products of Dom Sanat company have veterinary license and ISO and GMP standards