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This product is a combination of growth medium/fertilizer/soil amendment. It uses naturally occurring compound along with any waste materials suitable for horticulture, turf and especially afforestation.




For better air quality and performance of poultry and other livestock areas ammonia must be eliminated from production atmosphere.

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Fish Meal preservative

Population of the world is expected to increase another 2 billion in the next 30 years, demanding more food for minimum nutrition.

Fish harvesting is about 5% of human consumption. Production of this sector is about 75 m.tons per year. About 50 m.tons is processed for human consumption and the rest goes for fishmeal production.

Fishmeal is a main ingredient of poultry, swine and other high producing animals.

In fishmeal industry, two main and significant products are (1) Rich protein. (2) Fish oil.

Due to high content of oil and protein during storage, fishmeal absorbs oxygen causing heat, rancidity and sometimes fire.

So, use of antioxidant is required and mostly Ethoxyquin is mixed to kill harmful bacteria to maintain healthy product like vitamin A, D and E and amino acid to protect it from rancidity.

For more than 30 years, hundreds of chemicals have been tested, but a few have shown qualification to prevent undesirable oxidation in finished feed, guts and carcasses of animals.

Mostly preservatives are harmful and if used in excess amount will cause cancer in humans.

So, an innovative bactericide is manufactured to stop decomposition and decontamination of fishmeal, very efficient and easy to use with convenience.