Tuesday 9 July 2024


This is done mostly by different farms through ventilation. But Ammonia gas goes straight into the air and causes many problems for human and environment by increasing higher global temperature.

Ammonia is 70 times more potent than Co2 by capturing and holding heat inside, causing more warming condition for globe increasing heat inside the atmosphere.

Chickens in poultry houses develop variety of disorders when exposing to 20 ppm of ammonia like keratoconjunctivitis, watering eyes and reduced immune system. Respiratory disease, lower performance and human lung disorders are other common problems caused by Ammonia.

How to manage Ammonia:

There are many methods to absorb ammonia from meat and dairy production sites including a) Chemical treating b) Using biofilters and scrubbers c) Dietary manipulation and others. Like inhibitor to eliminate hydrolysis of urea in the chicken house floors.

But the best method which is more practical and economical is an innovative compound(phase) capable of absorbing ammonia and convert it to none-volatile material, very beneficial to birds, human and environment.

It holds ammonia in its tiny structural orifices   and does not evaporate even when stocked and piled up outside the poultry house and barns does not release any ammonia to the air and when spreading in to the farms.

It releases nitrogen gradually, reducing the need for nitrogen source like urea for any crops. This product is very fantastic for equine freshening horse stalls too.